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International Thermocompost Conference 2-4 October 2020 – Austria

We are happy to invite you to the 5th annual International Thermocompost Conference. This year we will meet everybody with first-hand experience in thermocomposting and/or biomeiler building in Brixen im Thale, Austria. The conference is hosted by Reistal Weberhof, a horse stable and holiday house in a beautiful mountain valley.

On Friday international guests will arrive and we are having dinner together and exchange experiences about the last year in an informal setting. Saturday will be the main conference day with a number of pre-organised sessions and speakers presenting the most recent research from the international community. In the afternoon there is room for general updates and an overview from last year’s project in each country. The evening will be spent at the Almhütte, a 40 minute hike up the mountain. Sunday we are making time for all other lectures from attendees: everybody can announce their subject during subscription and we will reserve a time slot for you on Sunday.

Since last year we have a new addition: the Thermocompost Research Award. This price will be awarded to one research project from the last year. The winner will be chosen by everybody attending the full conference. The price money can be distributed by the winner among one or several other promising young researchers (<30) to fund continuing research.

Please keep in mind that the international conference is meant for people with previous biomeiler building or thermocomposting experience. If you are planning on building a biomeiler yourself for the first time you can join the Dutch Biomeiler Information Day on 17th of October 2020.

If you are interested to join us at the International Thermocompost Conference, please mail us at to get more information about:

– dates and times: the program

locations and accommodation suggestions

travel suggestions

subscription information, payment information, prices and discounts

contact information

We hope to talk to you soon and see you in the first weekend of October!

Until then: enjoy composting everyone 🙂