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Biomeiler uit 100% paardenmest

In het Oostenrijkse Brixental wordt sinds enige tijd geëxperimenteerd met biomeilers bestaande uit 100% paardenmest. De resultaten hiervan zijn zeer goed te noemen, mits aan een aantal randvoorwaarden wordt voldaan. Denk hier bij aan voldoende permanente aanvoer van paardenmest en regelmatig omzetten. Onze Duitse en Oostenrijkse collega’s van Native Power organiseren hierover een aantal seminaris in het Engels en Duits. Meer hierover is te vinden op: en in deze flyer.


Hieronder een korte Engelse samenvatting:

Horse manure directly from the manure pile without combustion into the hydraulic heating system
Horse manure – Compost – Heating
the HCH System

The horse farm and holiday apartment facility at Weberhof, Tirol is heated by the horse manure compost pile. Without combustion and environmental pollution tons of warm water are harvested.

The 6x6m manure plate and the daily horse manure of 10 horses, approx. manure of 250kg/day, are the heating source. About 15min additional work time and electricity of approx. 0.40 € cents/day is a small investment to harvest excellent homogenized manure and after 6-month plant available nutrition rich compost is available.

Millions of employees, bacteria and micro-organisms make their way through the straw and horse- apple mix and produce a temperature of around 70 degrees Celsius. Through an applied heat exchange system, the 1.000-liter water tank can be fed with approximately 60 degrees hot water. The straw based manure of 10 horses provide a yield of 120kWh/day. Only in extreme weather conditions external heat is needed.

paardenmest biomeiler

The horse manure, HCH system Biomeiler grows with the daily manure supply up to 6 months. Every 2 weeks a silo mesh layer is introduced to facilitate a smooth dismantling and every 4 weeks a new heat exchanger is added to the manure pile. After 6 months the dismantling takes about 2h and the new construction will take place over the following 6 months. Each day a layer of dung is added to the manure pile.

The new heat extraction will start only 6 days after the new building period starts. A very nutrition compost develops, the manure volume is lowered by at least 30% due to the composting process. The well-known and any how required spreading of the compost on the fields is done as usual by any common manure spreader.

The advantages of the horse pile-compost-heating system at a glance:

– Cost savings for the existing heating system
– High quality compost
– Manure quantity reduction
– heating of horse drinking water pipe system in the wintertime – option to shower horses with warm water

– The entire methodology can also be used for quantity reduction and harvesting high valuable compost without heat extraction

Workshops and Seminars are conducted at Hannover in Germany and Brixon im Thale,Tirol, Austria, check the web page for dates

Further information is available at: